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Fine Dutch Cuisine

Style, tradition and hospitality.

These are the ingredients of the beautiful quality restaurant de Silveren Spiegel in Amsterdam. This seventeenth century restaurant owned by the Famely Hoff is widely known for its Fine Dutch cuisine led by Yves van der Hoff Your lunch or diner will be served in the intimate, romantic atmosphere of each of the four intimate and characteristic rooms. This is guaranteed to be a unique Fine dining experience.

Fine dining Amsterdam”
Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, The Silveren Spiegel shines as an icon of culinary refinement. Our fine dining restaurant embodies luxury and elegance, offering a Michelin-level gastronomic experience. Proudly presenting upscale dishes in an exclusive setting, we create a unique haven for connoisseurs seeking haute cuisine. Be delighted by meticulously crafted menus and relish an unforgettable fine dining experience. Welcome to de Silveren Spiegel, where gourmet and pleasure converge in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam.