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Yves Philosophy

“It made absolute sense to work with Dutch ingredients. The main thing is to find local top ingredients and process using the latest techniques to gourmet cuisine. I think that the only way to remain distinctive for our guests and to maintain a position as a reliable restaurant. A commitment that we want to share with our guests.
This makes de Silveren Spiegel unique in Amsterdam


Yves van der Hoff,
has taken over the culinary duties at de Silveren Spiegel

While most head chefs take a decade refining their culinary skills, Yves van der Hoff has scaled the career ladder faster than most and become Amsterdam youngest head chef – at the tender age of 26.
Yves van der Hoff fell in love with food alongside his grandmothers in Holland, along with a job at the restaurant in Amsterdam when he was 14 years. Sure, being a dishwasher isn’t glorious, but it is where he was able to start working with food by peeling potatoes and moving up to cleaning lobster. He quickly realized that life in the kitchen was much more fun than the conventional concept of “work.” Yves continued to work at
Okura Hotel, Restaurant Ron Blaauw ** and for last 1,5 years at the Restaurant de Bokkendoorns ** in Overveen
His exceptional skills, energy, and inquiring mind has brought great energy to our culinary team.

Kattengat 4 -6, 1012 SZ Amsterdam, +31 (0) 20 624 65 89
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